Jonathan Treasure Clinic Website is under “Destruction”

The clinical practice website for Jonathan Treasure is currently unavailable following the recent Almeda wildfire which has devastated the local communities in Southern Oregon. (N. Ashland, Talent & Phoenix) destroying over 2500 dwellings and 100 + small businesses.

Although our home (and our clinic base since 2012) was in the direct path of the fire, and although 80% of the houses on our rural lane were completely destroyed , ours narrowly escaped destruction – but our land, crops, medicinal plants & outbuildings are gone, and we have been without services for two weeks.

Current patients should receive an email week of 9/28 with further information. At this time, office or clinic emails cannot be returned, and the Clinic Help Desk is not available. (Please note our practice is closed for new patients).

25 September 2020